Pipe Relining Benefits

Residential repair of damaged drains and pipes

Benefits – Pipe Relining

Many sewer drains and storm water pipes are located under buildings, under concrete driveways and patios and under swimming pools which are difficult to access and costly to excavate.

Pipe relining will avoid excavation, cost less, repairs completed quicker, without disrupting the normal operations of a business or residence.  Damaged and broken pipes and drains can be relined for both commercial and domestic situations.

Drains and pipes from 40mm t0 600mm diameter can be relined quickly and cost effectively.  All pipe relining works come with a 50 year guarantee! To find examples of jobs that we have completed in our gallery.

Advantages of pipe lining and pipe relining:

  • Longevity: Relined pipes protect from future corrosion and leaks indefinitely.
  • Increased structural integrity
  • Cost savings & fewer disruptions
  • When compared to digging and replacing pipes.
  • Liquids cannot penetrate pipe
  • Within 5 minutes of pipe relining, liquids cannot penetrate pipe.​Water ingress on a massive scale during installation will have no effect on the liner.
  • Anti-­corrosive: The system totally arrests internal corrosion of pipes improving water quality/potability.
  • Increased internal pressure resistant: Relined pipes are capable of withstanding mains pressure.
  • Provides resistance: ​­ To loads arising from leaking seals, pin holes, gaps between pipes, and pipe perforations.