Commercial Pipe Relining

Commercial Pipe Lining is the Future. Trenchless Technology for Damaged Pipes in Commercial Sites. We can take care of all your damaged and broken drains and pipes, no matter how large or complex the building or work site.

Aqua Flush Drains provide a range of commercial pipe lining solutions to minimize the inconvenience and cost compared to excavation and replacement. 

Pipe relining systems allow our specialist technicians to access and reline underground pipes without disturbing the surrounding surface area or the continued operations of the business / workplace. The “No Dig” pipe lining solution eliminates the dangers of excavation with respect to public utilities (power, electricity, water, gas, phones lines).

A few of Aqua Flush Drains pipe lining and pipe relining projects include:


  • ACACIA Fitzroy Creche
  • Trade Edge Plumbing Richmond
  • Treasury Gardens Government State Offices
  • Greensborough Bowling Club
  • Beautone Plumbing
  • Monash Plumbers
  • A range of McDonalds stores
  • Monkhorst Plumbing
  • Ivan The Blockage Professional
  • Warringal Shopping Complex
  • Sunbury Shopping Complex

Regional Victoria

  • Campaspe Asset Management Services
  • Coliban Water
  • Morgan Builders, Geelong
  • City of Greater Bendigo – Council Pools
  • McDonalds Bendigo
  • Richmond Sinnott & Delahunty Bendigo
  • Dungey Carter Ketterer Bendigo
  • Hungy Jacks, Bendigo
  • Government Offices, Ballarat
  • Simmonds Homes, Gippsland
  • Ballarat Emergency Plumbing Services
  • Rivers Store Echuca
  • JG King Homes Shepparton
  • Lend Lease, Coliban Water District
  • Bendigo Aquatic Services
  • Bendigo Based Hospital

What We Can Repair

Any pipe between 40 – 1600 mm diameters can be repaired, regardless of direction, depth, junctions, bends, pipe length, or changes in size.

The pipe liner will adhere to multiple piping including:

  • Cast Iron
  • Concrete
  • PVC
  • Roll Groove
  • Galvanised
  • Copper
  • ZIncalume

The seamless liner is impregnated with specific environmentally friendly two part epoxy resins and a pre inserted bladder spanning the length of the liner.

The liner is inserted into the pipeline through an inspection opening or access point and is positioned in the desired location.

The bladder is then inflated using compressed air causing the liner to mould to the host pipe, filling cracks, holes and spanning over any voids in the pipeline.

The liner can be custom made to length, from 1m upwards allowing small sectional repairs to be carried out or complete mains relined.