Robotic pipe cutter

Clear blocked drains, pipes, and sewers quickly and cost effectively with Robotic Pipe Cutting

Pipe cutting and relining is a faster and more cost-effective way of repairing blocked and damaged pipes

Benefits of robotic pipe cutting

  • Robotic pipe cutting is a fast way to remove blockages, debris, damage and other pipe obstructions
  • It’s more cost effective than replacing pipes
  • It’s clean, it removes the need for digging trenches and excavation works
  • It provides a smooth finish before relining pipes, drains and sewers
  • Instead of replacing pipes, our robotic pipe cutter allows for breaks and blockages to be cleared

Our robotic pipe cutter is highly portable and can reach both vertical pipes and tight bends, getting to those hard to reach places

“Our robotic pipe cutter is a great tool to get your pipes clear before you reline them. It’s fast, clean and much cheaper than digging trenches and excavating your site to lay new pipes.”
Vincent Comer
Owner, Aqua Flush Drains

What is a robotic pipe cutter?

Our robotic pipe cutter is a precise instrument specially developed for clearing blocked pipes. The head of the tool is diamond impregnated steel, which is tough enough to cut through any obstructions or blockages with ease. Cutting in 360 degrees, it provides a smooth finish to the inside of your pipes, in readiness for relining. It’s cleaner, faster and more cost effective than excavating and digging trenches to lay new pipes.

Features of our Robotic Pipe Cutter

Our robotic pipe cutting tool offers these great features:

  • Joystick operated for precise control of the cutting work
  • It records video footage and still images for review of the blockage and completed works
  • Works in pipe diameters from 70mm to 250mm
  • Can navigate vertical pipes and tight bends to clear blockages in those hard to reach places
  • It has a 70m reach, making it portable enough to reach any blockage

Where we operate

We’re mobile so can come to your business, home or industrial locations across Melbourne and Central Victoria. We have extensive experience working with business, industry, councils, and residential homes.